Useful applications for family or farm
  • stock watering
  • drip irrigation --- a very effective for a family garden
  • water supply for cabins and remote houses


  • Any place water is needed, but no AC power is available.
  • An ideal combination of water and sun that preserves the environment, saves energy and reduces physical effort.
  • The more sunlight, the more water is pumped (this is ideal for stock watering and irrigation). Water is pumped even on hazy days.
  • Economical: need only 2 x 12 W solar panels for up to 20 meters (appr. 60 ft).
  • Automatic operation for years - minimal maintenance is required. Special construction allows dry operation for hours.
  • Tolerates mild sediment in the water supply ---- can be used in rivers and streams.
  • Low borehole drilling costs ---- a diameter of 8,0 cm (3 1/4") is sufficient.
  • Robust and reliable ---- constructed from brass and stainless steel.
Pumping capacity (delivering amount at 6 sunshine hours)
@ Sunny Cloudy Raining
5 meter 636 liter 378 liter 168 liter
10 meter 462 liter 294 liter 138 liter
15 meter 372 liter 222 liter 108 liter
20 meter 264 liter 168 liter 72 liter

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